Deanes Meat Locker

When you combine the sheer skill of Deanes chefs with the superb quality of the well renowned Hannan Meats and the accuracy of the Asador Grill you create a product that simply excels . . . . and that’s at the heart of Deanes Meat Locker. It’s one of the three restaurants at Michael Deanes Howard Street location.

There are no fewer than six cuts of steak- some are from that famed Himalayan Salt Chamber Peter Hannan built, and others are less-known like Hanger. All are superb and even better; they come with proper beef dripping chips.

There are plenty of non-steak options too. You will always find fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes that are as considered and accomplished as any other in the Deanes stable. The desserts, cheeseboard and drinks are all winners, too- just what you’d expect from Executive Chef, Simon Toye.

The Private Room upstairs can accommodate 56 people seated and 100 standing. 4-10-4 Menu served daily from 12-3pm & 5.30-7pm


Deanes Meat Locker
28-40 Howard Street
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