Symphonia Gin – Woodlab Distillery

This is where nature and science meet in a very happy pairing. Ric Dyer has a PhD in Organic Chemistry and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for thirty years.

In 2016 he decided to follow his other passion, food and drink, and use his knowledge of science and quality to produce an innovative series of spirits using ingredients from the local area, combined with cutting edge chemistry processes.

The bespoke process he uses retains flavours which are often lost during traditional distillation.

The science then turns to drinkable art as the various flavours are carefully balanced in a series of unique compositions.

This all happens at Woodlab Distillery in Benburb, County Tyrone where Ric lives with his wife Fiona, dog Jasper and their cats and chickens.

They call the range Symphonia because each botanical is distilled individually to create a series of flavour notes which are composed into the three Symphonia No.1 Dry Gin, No.2 Armagh Bramley Apple Gin and No.3 Summer Fruit Cup.

Such a good life!

What They Do

Handcrafted spirits


Dry gin, Apple Gin and Fruit Cup in 70cl, 20cl, 5ml mini bottles and trio gift sets.


2019 Great Taste Awards 2 stars each for No.1 Dry Gin and No.2 Apple Gin.

Where To Buy

Uluru restaurant, Armagh; Vineyard off-licence, Belfast; McAnerney’s Armagh; Emersons, Armagh


Symphonia Gin – Woodlab Distillery
14 Lisgobban Road
BT71 7PT
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Contact Information

Telephone 07889769320
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