Steeper Culture

With a scientific background in agri-biosciences, owner Peter Barrett began experimenting with home brewing kombucha in his garage in 2015 for the health benefits for himself. His side hobby grew as he realised the need for interesting, non-alcoholic drink options on the market. His friends and family agreed!

Originally The Craft Tea Brew Co, the company recently rebranded under the trading name Steeper Culture, with the mission to brew healthy, clean-label but interesting drinks with a tea base. Craft drinks that are literally ‘steeped’ (infused) and ‘cultured’ (fermented). 

As they say, they make “drinks to be enjoyed with food, for good times, and always to your good health.”

Mixed cases available.

What They Do

Craft fermented soft drinks

Where To Buy

Online and in stores


Steeper Culture
63a Dows Road
United Kingdom
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