Moocha Kombucha

You’ve probably heard about the gut health benefits of fermented food. Kombucha is a great, tasty way of getting those benefits. Moocha Kombucha is made in Benburb, Co. Tyrone by naturally fermenting organic black and green tea and a live culture. At Moocha, they handmake their kombucha on their start to finish using their own homegrown scobies.

They flavour using real fruit to create their unique award winning flavours.
The drinks come in four varieties – Original, Lemon and Ginger, Aronia Berry and Summer Strawberry. They took home a clutch of Great Taste Awards in 2022 despite it being only their first year of entry.

The flavours are added at the second fermentation stage by adding organic lemon and organic ginger. This creates lemon and ginger notes with a great crisp finish and absorbs the nutrient and beneficial properties of the lemon and ginger. The Summer Strawberry version is made with fruit picked fresh from a farm two miles away. It is bursting with Vitamin C. Aronia is especially rich in fibre and Vitamins A, C and E.

Moocha Kombucha drinks are Vegan and Gluten-Free and come in glass bottles for recycling.

What They Do

Small batch craft kombucha drinks


Original, Aronia Berry, Summer Strawberry, Lemon and Ginger Kombucha Lemon and Ginger Healing Pots


Great Taste 2022 2 star, Original flavour 1 star, Aronia Berry and Lemon and Ginger 1 star, and Lemon and Ginger Healing Pot 1 star.

Where To Buy

Online at, Facebook Shop, Indie Fude- Belfast, Ispini Charcuterie  - Moira, Lough Erne Hotel - , Killeavy Castle, Between The Bridges – Enniskillen, Orange Box Farm Shop, Grange Farm Shop - Moy


Moocha Kombucha
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