Madame Macs

Madame Mac is such a clever name for a business specialising in authentic, luxury French macarons and macaron gateaux, don’t you think? The “madame” in question is Claudia Kingsnorth who makes everything from scratch herself in her home kitchen in Lurgan, Co. Armagh.

There are twelve different flavours in her repertoire. They can come in three different box sizes. She also supplies weddings, having baked macarons for more than 20 nuptials since Summer 2021.

Local suppliers include Andrew’s Ingredients, Cavanagh Free-Range Eggs and Johnson Brothers.

Claudia is interested in doing business with delis, hotels and restaurants.

What They Do

Authentic French macaron and macaron gâteaux


Great Taste Awards 2022 - Coconut Macaron 1 star Great Taste Awards 2021 - Salted Caramel Macron 1 star

Where To Buy

Markets and events, order by direct contact. See below.


Madame Macs
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Telephone 07393 844 316
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