Favourit Foods

Favourit Foods was first created and established in Belfast in 1915. Originally founded by William Moss, the family-run business was inspired to source only the finest herbs and spices from around the world and import directly to Belfast. Since then, the quality of their products makes them a natural choice for foodservice.

The company takes pride in its local heritage and proudly supplies local NI butchers and restaurants with herbs, seasonings and spices.

Their customers include large manufacturing companies, major retailers such as Henderson Group, NISA, Musgraves, wholesalers, the food service industry and independent stores.

Building credibility across the Foodservice sector since 1915, this year will see FAVOURIT launch into retail, bringing ‘The Chef’s Choice’ to consumer’s home across the country.

FAVOURIT – Proud to be Local.

What They Do

Herbs, seasonings and spices


Extensive but includes Whole Black Pepper, Curry Powder, Mixed Herbs, Ground Ginger, Ground Nutmeg, Paprika


Favourit Foods
9 Hillview Road
BT14 7BT
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