Dukes Ultra Premium Ice Cream

Dukes is an Ice Cream Shop based on a dairy farm in Tyrone selling Ultra Premium Ice Cream. BUT what is Ultra Premium Ice Cream? The average cream content in UK ice cream is 11%. At Dukes they have pushed the cream content to the absolute max, so that all of their recipes include over 17% cream (the best part) which creates a super creamy ultra premium ice cream that sits in your mouth with a luxurious, smooth texture before melting. This allows the consumer to savour the flavour and enjoy their ice cream that little bit longer. 

Each ice cream flavour available at Dukes started its life in owners Jonny and Natasha’s farmhouse kitchen. What started as a hobby turned into a passion product where they wanted to share the very best ice cream they could with others. Jonny and Natasha spent time crafting and refining their ice cream recipe and ice cream inclusions so that they remain soft even when frozen. 

Dukes currently have 8 core flavours available in 150ml and 500ml tubs and throughout the year different limited edition flavours are released, these are announced via their social media pages so keep an eye out. 

At Dukes, they aim to use locally sourced ingredients where possible and if what they require is not currently available, they work with local suppliers to create it. Their brownie and caramel inclusions are made by a local baker and they have sourced their honey and honeycomb from local suppliers. The core aim of Dukes is to create the absolute best ice cream possible, no matter the monetary cost. 

Dukes Ice Cream Shop is located in Jonny and Natasha’s farmyard and they are open daily from 10am-10pm. As it is a working farm, the farm is not open to the public to walk around for safety reasons, though there is a very high chance you may encounter goats and chickens roaming around or the farm dog, Hugo, who loves the ice cream as much as they do.


What They Do

Ultra-premium ice-cream shop retailer


CORE FLAVOURS: Vanilla, Chocolate Brownie, Salt & Caramel, Raspberry Ripple, Mint Aero, Biscoff, Honeycomb, Bubblegum


Dukes Ultra Premium Ice Cream
40 Learden Road
County Tyrone
BT79 8QD
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Telephone 07963 697126
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