Copeland Spirits

Gin is certainly the most popular spirit these days. One of the newest producers of gin in Northern Ireland is Copeland Spirits. Launched by Gareth Irvine in 2015 in County Down following a project in University and backed by a crowd-funding initiative in 2016, Copeland Gin was released to market.
County Down’s local fruit is a key element to their range of Gins. Matched with their own bespoke premium gin, fruits from the farms and hedgerows are macerated and soaked to create a range of juniper-forward, fruity Gins. Packing a punch at 37.8% alcohol, their gins aren’t to be missed. Available in 2 key offerings, Raspberry & Mint & Rhuberry, a mix of rhubarb & blackberry; Copeland Gin has further expanded into in-seasonal, small batch runs.

These lovingly hand-crafted ginfusions are perfect for a classic Gin & tonic or mixed as part of a cocktail. Why not try a Copeland Bramble, or add a dash of Rhuberry to your favourite Prosecco? The possibilities are endless!

What They Do

Craft Spirit Producers


Rhuberry Gin, Raspberry and Mint Gin, Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant

Where To Buy

All NI independent off-sales, restaurants, bars and off-licences across Northern Ireland as well as Marks & Spencer NI On-line via Master of Malt.


Copeland Spirits
4, Windmill Business Park, Windmill Rd,
BT24 7DX
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Telephone 077 1418 7651
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