Carnbrooke Meat and Poultry

Managing Director, Jason Hamilton is a major carnivore and he’s particularly passionate about the rare and native breeds that have been part of the landscape in Northern Ireland for centuries. They’re his choice when it comes to sourcing animals from small farmers to butcher at his plant.
Once there, the team of Master Butchers cut every order to each customer’s exact specification. They have a purpose-built Dry-Ageing Chamber on site, so you can order how long you want it to be hung for.
Jason’s newest passion is Mourne Lamb which he sends to the Michelin-starred OX and to the Deane’s restaurant group.
Our Pork is reared by, John Ferguson, Dromara,Co.Down. Alan Newell supplies the lamb and Kenneth Moffitt’s Thornhill ducks also get the Carnbrooke treatment. They also supply Gracehill puddings and Finnebrogue venison.
All of the products go to top hotels and restaurants.

What They Do

Butcher and supply meat, poultry and specialty foods.


Every conceivable cut and preparation of beef, pork , lamb and chicken

Where To Buy

High-end restaurants like James Street South and Hasting Group Hotels.


Carnbrooke Meat and Poultry
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