Basalt Distillery

The Basalt Distillery is a brand-new distillery close to the Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland and represents a departure from traditional craft distilling with an emphasis on the latest sustainable processes, cutting-edge distilling technology and an unrivalled focus on precision.

Owners and Distillers, James Richardson and Martha Garbe, have master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering, and have also completed distilling certificates with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, as well as the university course set by their still manufacturer, iStill. They apply the same meticulous scientific approach to distilling so that they can create the most incredible flavours and high-quality spirits.

Their flagship product is Giants Basalt Rock Gin and is inspired by the basalt rock that filters the water from their own 600ft bore hole. Each year they will release a limited 40,000 bottles – one for each of basalt rock column of the Giant’s Causeway.  This is a signal of their commitment to protecting our world’s finite resources, and a sign of their gratitude for what nature has provided.

Coming in at a powerful 50.1%abv, Giants Basalt Rock Gin on the nose is initially very fresh citrus, followed by juniper and hints of savoury saltiness. On the palette, the citrus from the nose comes over first, then there’s classic juniper and more sharp and warm spices, from ginger and cassia. These flavours give way to more unusual flavours that are hard to pin down, something fresh and salty. It is harmonized by a mellow mouth feel from the buckwheat. The Finish, peppery spices enhanced by the tail pepper carries over into a long-lasting finish that lingers in all three dimensions.

The bottles alone are a work of art, but the spirit inside is truly special.

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What They Do

The distillery home to Giants Basalt Rock Gin

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Online at Stockists: Fairley’s Wines


Basalt Distillery
14 – 16 Seneril Road
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