Bean Salad

Continue your Veganuary journey and check out this vegan salad recipe from James St.

Difficulty easy
Preparation Time (mins) 5-10
Cooking Time (mins) 5
Servings 2
Main Ingredients
  • 40g chickpeas
  • 40g edamame beans
  • 40g kidney beans
  • 50g peas
  • 40g butter beans
  • 40g broad beans
  • For the dressing:
  • 3 shallots - finely chopped
  • 100ml good grade olive oil
  • 50ml forum white wine vinegar
  • 2 cloves of garlic - finely chopped or grated
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • Salt and pepper to season

Main Instructions
  1. Place salad ingredients in bowl and mix through gently, do not mix vigorously as they will emulsify.
  2. Mix dressing ingredients together gently. The dressing should be glossy and should be added when serving.
  3. Season to taste when serving. Always keep refrigerated once cooked.
  4. Note: If using tinned beans, drain, thoroughly rinse. For hard beans, soak overnight and cook until tender. One rule: do not use salted water as this will lengthen cooking time.
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