Wilson’s Superb Comber Earlies Hit Tesco This Weekend

Issued on behalf of Tesco NI

Great news for potato-lovers!  The first crop of Comber earlies will hit Tesco stores this weekend and supplier, Wilson’s Country Potatoes say they are well worth the wait!

After a slow start to the season with our harsh winter and cold, wet spring, the potato crop has been something of a worry.  But as the first of the Comber earlies were dug last night from Hugh Chambers’ field on the shores of Strangford Lough, the early crop is looking very promising.

Inspecting the first potatoes, Lewis Cunningham, Managing Director of Wilson’s Country, which is supplying the Comber earlies to Tesco stores across Northern Ireland said, “We are delighted with the look of these first Comber earlies.   It has been worth holding off: they are a great size and full of the delicious flavour you can only get from the ground in this unique part of the world.

“Thanks to that little blast of sunshine we had and then a good watering with the rain last week, these are superb.   We have been watching the forecast really closely and intentionally not rushed to lift the crop early as we know that leaving them for just a week will provide a superior taste experience to our consumers.

“They are harvested in the evening to allow maximum growing and flavour development in the soil.  This means they not only reach stores in tip top condition but literally within hours of digging.”

Wilson’s Country is supplying the Comber earlies under the Tesco own-brand.  Sandra Weir, Tesco Buying Manager said, “As we were going to sleep last night, grower Hugh Chambers and the team from Wilson’s were hard at work digging and packing the first crop, which is in Tesco stores this morning – you can’t get any fresher than that.  Comber potatoes are a much-anticipated sign of summer here in Northern Ireland.  This is also the first year since they were awarded the European PGI status, making them something really special as a local delicacy.  They were definitely worth the wait!”

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