Veg Voice Report: COVID Veg

Peas Please gathered stories from nearly a hundred people across the UK in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions last summer (June–August 2020). These paint a picture of people’s experiences in accessing fruit and veg at a time of national crisis and demonstrate how people’s usual routines were disrupted, with many seeking out alternative ways to access fruit and veg.    

Peas Please found that:  

  • being able to buy enough fruit and veg was a problem for those on below average incomes 
  • more people used local shops and veg box schemes during this time 
  • price was a barrier 
  • quality was sometimes poor 
  • more people grew their own. 

The report is the first in a planned series that will seek to better understand the UK’s veg environment from a citizen perspective, working closely with our 170 Veg Advocates to do so.