Top German department store launches snacks from Food Stories

Food Stories, the Northern Ireland producer of popcorn and fruit crisps, has launched with Germany’s upmarket department store chain Galeria Kaufhof. Food Stories is a Food Ni member company.

Based in Cologne, Galeria Kaufhof began selling Cloud Corn popcorn and Pinkfinch fruit and veggie crisps last month in the first retail business in Germany for Belfast’s Food Stories. The deal followed contacts made by Food Stories at a major European trade exhibition.

Michael Heaslip, founder and managing director of Food Stories, commenting on the initial business with Galeria Kaufhof, says: “Winning business with such a respected and quality conscious department store as Galeria Kaufhof is a marvellous opportunity for our popcorn and fruit snacks in one of Europe’s most dynamic markets.

“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to pitch for the business from contacts made in our European marketing drive. We are investing extensive resources in developing sales there and have already been successful in several key markets including the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in Scandinavia,” he adds.

Galeria Kaufhof is often described as Germany’s Marks and Spencer because of its focus on quality products.

Mr Heaslip, who founded Food Stories in 2014, continues: “We’ve been keen on penetrating the food market in Germany because of the strength of consumer demand there for healthier food, especially snacks, which provides a great opportunity for our Cloud Corn popcorn and particularly Pinkfinch fruit crisps which can form part of five-a-day for health conscious individuals and families.”

He founded the company initially to provide marketing and distribution services to smaller food companies in Northern Ireland and subsequently developed the recipes for and launched a number of his own brand products.

Founded in 1879, Galeria Kaufhof has 93 department storesthroughout Germany in prime shopping locations. The retailer is characterised by quality, service, advice and innovations. It also offers online services and stocks a broad range of quality products including fashion, shoes, handbags, beauty on home to sports and toys as well as food and drink.