Thana’s healthy noodles from Coleraine chosen by Selfridges

Shoppers at Selfridges in London, one of the UK’s most prestigious and influential stores, are now enjoying instant rice noodles developed by Coleraine chef/entrepreneur Thana Thammavongsa.

Thana, owner of Whoosh, a successful and popular food production business and café, near Coleraine town centre, has supplied a range of noodles to Selfridges following an approach from the high-end department store’s senior buyer back in May of this year. Whoosh is a Food NI member.

The approach eventually to an agreement to supply the noodles which went on sale in the hugely popular store in early September. Commenting on the new business, which is the first for Whoosh outside Northern Ireland, Thana says: “I was thrilled to receive the approach from such a prestigious and influential food store as Selfridges, one of the biggest stores in the world and one with a great commitment to quality and innovative food.”

Cartons of Whoosh Vietnamese instant curry, Thai red curry and Thai Tom Yum noodles are now on the shelves of the top store. Thana continues: “This is a tremendously exciting business for us. At Whoosh, we love cooking, we love eating! We always think about food, we dream about food…Thai and Vietnamese food.”

Whoosh was founded in 2008 in Coleraine by Thana with the aim “to share a love of food, our culture and the stories behind every recipe and every dish we cook”. “We began our journey with private and corporate event catering, which led to the opening of our own Thai and Vietnamese street food café. Our belief is in fresh, delicious food that’s cooked with love and really makes a difference, keeping consumers healthy. Over the years, we gradually won the hearts and appetites of so many foodies here,” she adds.

2022 marked the launch of Whoosh’s own range of instant rice noodle pots that can be eaten everywhere. “The noodles are authentic, three-minute meals that have been handcrafted with care, using only the best quality and purest ingredients,” continues Thana. She believes in “eating healthy, eating happy, eating together”.