Tesco ‘Sprouts’ Seasonal Crop – Just in time for Christmas

Brussel Sprouts sourced directly from family business Gilfresh Produce, based in County Armagh are now available at Tesco stores across Northern Ireland.  This quintessential Christmas dinner vegetable comes through Gilfresh Produce from a number of local growers including Robert Thompson, from County Down.  Shoppers should be delighted to hear that the Northern Ireland sprouts will be available for the duration of the festive season in Tesco stores.

Normally considered as the ‘love them or hate them’ vegetable, Brussels Sprouts are like miniature versions of the common cabbage, they grow in multiple rows along a thick, central stalk and have a sweet, nutty flavour.  They also have many health benefits as they contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Dietary Fibre.

Sandra Weir, Tesco Northern Ireland Buying Manager, said: We have had an extremely wet summer which has had a major impact on local farmers and produce yields. However thanks to the dedication, hard work and expertise of both Gilfresh Produce and their growers, Tesco customers will continuously be supplied with fresh vegetables sourced from Northern Ireland,  including Brussels Sprouts, throughout the Christmas period.”