SUKI Tea Makers In Belfast Now Plastic Free

SUKI Tea Makers in Northern Ireland has announced that it has moved away from the use of plastic packaging in its wide range of tea products as part of a longstanding commitment to the environment.

Based in Belfast, SUKI Tea Makers is a leading supplier of premium loose-leaf tea and infusions to customers in the UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe as well as Japan and Dubai. The multi-award winning company recently announced a major brand refresh and packaging redesign.

Anne Irwin, who founded the tea blenders in 2005 with business partner Oscar Woolley, explains: “At SUKI, we have always believed quality is defined by what we source and what we deliver. We won’t settle for anything that is second best and this has been the driving force behind our vision since the very beginning.

“We’re excited to showcase our wonderful new design to the world this Autumn, with one of the biggest changes to our packaging being one you might not notice at all – we’ve gone plastic-free!

“We care about people, plant and planet, from open and responsible sourcing to how the teas are packaged and transported,” she adds.,
The new format plastic-free packaging, she continues, had been “a challenge but an important one that links closely to our core ethics and ethos”.

She continues: “Operating in a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner are the cornerstones of everything we do, so it was a natural next step for SUKI.

“Our tea pyramids are made from paper, yarn and a special material called Soilon, meaning unlike some traditional teabags, our pyramid teabags are completely natural and plastic-free!” Made from corn starch, Soilon is a naturally derived product that is fully compostable so can be disposed of in your food waste bin.

“All this means that the new packaging is now as environmentally friendly as the tea that goes inside it. Boxes for retailers are also made from sustainably sourced cardboard (FSC or PEFC) and are either pre-printed using vegetable-based inks or use a paper-based label,” adds Mrs Irwin.

The new packaging demonstrates SUKI’s belief that eco-friendly is the future. “So look out for our new brand plastic-free bags, retail boxes and accessory packaging hitting the shelves over the coming months,” she adds.