Still Waters in Northern Ireland in new growth strategy

Still Waters, a leading supplier of sustainable fish and shellfish to top restaurants in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and other parts of Europe, is gearing up to accelerate the growth of its retail business in particular. The company is a Food NI member.

The family owned and managed business, which is based at Portavogie in county Down, is developing branded retail packs in a new strategy to grow sales, exports and its product range of fresh ‘boat to table’ fish and seafood from the Irish Sea.

Paul Carson of Still Waters says: “We’ve built to a tremendous reputation as a supplier of fresh and sustainably fished shellfish including scallops and langoustines especially with high-end restaurants.

“Our aim is to grow this existing business and to use our expertise in producing these and other products for retail. It’s a development which makes sound business sense for us.

“We source much of our fish and shellfish, especially scallops and langoustines, from our own trawlers which ensures total traceability and transparency that’s based on our heritage in fishing stretching back over 75 years.

“Fishing is in our family and we take pride in our legacy offering our customers a unique service that can only be achieved through passion and true heritage

“Our product is shipped daily from our day boats to the local market, and within hours is with our customers including, retail outlets, restaurants and hotels throughout Northern Ireland and beyond,” he adds.

Mr Carson brings his own knowledge and experience as a fisherman to the thriving and quality focused business. In addition to its fishing activities, Still Waters has its own processing operation alongside the small harbour in Portavogie.

The company’s langoustine tails are additive and preservative free, a completely natural product.

The scallops are landed fresh daily and processed by skilled cutters.  The scallops are also 100 percent natural with no additives or preservatives.

In addition, Still Waters smokes a wide range of fresh fish. “Freshly delivered white fish are filleted by hand to allow us to carefully monitor every single fish that passes through our smokehouse.

“The whole process is conducted quickly and hygienically and under strict control in order to retain the fishes fine taste, freshness and natural colour.  Our fish is smoked in an aromatic smoke from a slow burning fire of natural oak shavings giving our fish a delicate colour and a mouth-watering taste,” adds Mr Carson.