RubyBlue Hits The Shelves Of Sainsburys

Most vodka is made from grain, but potatoes produce a smoother, creamier flavour that’s naturally gluten free. RubyBlue’s version is a multi-award-winner. Made by Hughes Craft Distillery in Co. Antrim, it has won Silver and Gold medals at the New York World Wine and Spirits and the Global Vodka Masters awards.

Its creators, Stuart and Barbara Hughes wanted to produce a Vodka that matches gin in sophistication and depth of flavour.

RubyBlue is exceptionally smooth, with an appealing nose. Buttery, well-rounded with a heartening earthiness and a long clean finish it’s perfect neat but also makes a great base for cocktails.

“When people taste our Potato Vodka they tell us that it doesn’t have the harshness experienced from other vodka brands and it’s the nicest vodka they’ve tasted. When they try our signature serve with a dash of white lemonade, sprig of fresh thyme, and a slice of green apple, they’re converted” says Barbara Hughes.

Sold internationally in Russia, Vienna, Australia and Finland, RubyBlue Potato Vodka is now available in all 13 Sainsburys stores across Northern Ireland.

The RubyBlue range of award-winning fresh fruit liqueurs in Blackcurrant and Cranberry flavours will also be available to purchase in Sainsburys NI from June 2017. Made by hand from carefully selected berries, fruits and botanicals locking the purity of nature into these unique infusions. They can be enjoyed with crushed ice, over ice-cream or with Prosecco to make delicious bellini cocktails.

For more information on RubyBlue visit Hughes Craft Distillery.