Noisy Snacks Launches New Range of Healthier Products

Team Noisy in Belfast is on a mission to lead the snacking market with healthier snacks, adventurous flavours, sustainable materials and noise. Encouraging customers to SHOUT about their Health and Noisy lifestyle. 

Noel Allen, Founder, Noisy Snacks, said; “We are really excited to be launching our new brand refresh which is all natural flavours, HFSS approved and 100% recyclable packaging at the Natural Food Show Europe in London. It’s a fantastic show with a great reputationand we are very proud to have such a fantastic support from Invest NI to attend the event. In a local setting our snacks deliver a real punch with our adventurous flavours, low in calories and high protein. Keeping consumers Noisy and healthy throughout the day offering a truly unique snacking experience.”


With extra flavouring added encouraging consumers to shake their snack to wake it as the snacks provides a noisy, explosive mouth sensation. Launching in an easy on the go single serve 25g pack size and a shareable 100g/150g pouch pack. The fully recyclable packs must be shaken loudly before opening to wake the flavour inside. The range is all natural, vegan friendly, a good source of protein and has very clear labelling for allergies and recycling processes. The range includes: • Noisy Snacks 25g Pulled Pork Flavoured Broad Beans: Get misty eyed over pulled-pork tenderly slow-cooked by loving hands, and infused with a complex blend of fresh herbs, sticky brown sugar and salt. The crunch, hint of spiciness and saltiness of our broad beans make them a moreish sensation. Available in 2x flavours including Award Winning Beef Brisket RRP £1.20​ • New Noisy Snacks 25g Piri Mango Flavoured Coated Chickpeas: Triggered by the crisp explosion of Chickpea, a tangy Piri spirals off your tongue carrying notes of paprika, herb and lemon; and served with the sweet mercy of mango. Available in 2x flavours including New Chip Shop Curry RRP £1.20• Noisy Snacks 100g Beef Brisket Flavoured Broad Beans: Award Winning Beef Brisket flavoured snack. Cuddle up with rich and tender beef marinated and then slow cooked for a sensuous mouthfeel. The crunch, hint of spiciness and saltiness of our broad bean make them a moreish sensation. RRP £3.00• New Noisy Snacks 100g Chips Shop Curry Flavoured Coated Chickpeas: The sharp, pungent aroma of vegan curry shouts, ‘Devour me!’ while a sweet ripeness fills your mind with memories of curry chips on the way home from school. Noisy Snacks’ Chickpeas are precious orbs of flavour that, (once inside the mouth), tend to ‘pop’ in the most satisfying fashion. RRP £3.00• Noisy Snacks 150g Pickled Onion Flavoured Peanuts: Munch. Crunch. Silence. For being such a noisy flavour, our Pickled Onion Peanuts leave many hungry snackers speechless. Air roasting our quality nuts marinades each kernel for a full-bodied flavour trapping flavour inside the crunch. RRP £3.00

Noisy Snacks is dedicated to creating delicious healthier snacking experiences that are memorable and fun. Noisy Snacks put taste first with bold flavours and an experience that engages people’s taste, feel, sight and smell.

Noisy Snacks – Healthier Snacks Worth Shouting About

HFSS Approved ✓ 

Vegan ✓

Low Kcals ✓

High Protein ✓

Adventurous flavour ✓

All Natural Flavours ✓

100% Recyclable Packs ✓

Sustainable Materials ✓

Established in 2018, by founder, Noel Allen, Noisy Snacks develop and sell award winning, innovative, healthier snacks that offer a fun way of snacking on the go or at home while using all FIVE Senses.