New Rose Veal Stock from Northern Ireland’s Broughgammon Farm

Pioneering Broughgammon Farm in Northern Ireland has launched an innovative food product in its longstanding focus on sustainability.

The farm enterprise, based in Ballycastle, county Antrim and known throughout the UK and Ireland, for its award-winning range of goat and veal products, has just introduced a nourishing Rose Veal Bone Stock in collaboration with Carol’s Stock Market in Derry, a successful producer of beef, chicken, turkey and vegetable stock stocks as well as broths.

The new Rose Veal Stock is a traditional handmade product without additives and preserves, according to Charlie Cole who runs the farm with wife Becky and other members of his family. “It’s a really tasty stock for a wide range of applications especially soup and gravy,” he explains.

“The stock has a great flavour, deep and layered, as its made with meaty bones and vegetables. The texture it pretty gelatinous, a sign of a top quality stock. It can be used for anything from sauces to soups. Bone broth is also said to contain minerals and plenty of amazing amino acids that help promote a strong body especially the gut and skin. So we drink it by the cupfull!

“The new stock is another important collaboration with a local artisan business and follows on from our successful collaboration with Corndale Free Range Farm charcuterie producer in Limavady on a unique Rose Veal Salami. 

“We appreciate greatly the advice on the recipe and manufacturing expertise of Carol Banahan of Carol’s Stock Market in helping to create the new stock from bones from our free range calves which we provided in our longstanding and strategic focus on sustainability, central to which is commitment to eliminate waste wherever possible throughout the farm,” he adds.

Carol Banahan describes the Rose Veal Stock as “a wonderfully delicious product that I absolutely love working with”.

The new stock is available in 500ml pouches through the Broughgammon website  (  at farmers’ markets and a number of delis in Northern Ireland.

Charlie said recent EU approval would enable the small farm-based company to expand its operations and increase opportunities for further collaboration with other local artisan producers.