Mums and their Baby Bears Get Healthy with White’s Toat’ly Oaty with added Multi Seeds

Local cereal and porridge brand White’s Oats of Tandragee has launched a healthy multi-seed porridge into Tesco to join its successful range of Toat’ly Oaty instant porridge. White’s Toat’ly Oaty with added Multi Seeds is a wholesome blend of oats and crunchy seeds providing even more nutritional benefits than regular porridge.

Containing wholegrain jumbo oats with a mix of flaxseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, Toat’ly Oaty with added Multi Seeds is packed with energy and health boosting nutrients such as protein, fibre, omega 3 and b vitamins.

Trying out the new porridge out are the mums of the Tribal Fitness Pramtastic class with their own little baby bears.

Danielle Mc Bride, Brand Manager of White’s Oats explained, ‘’This latest addition complements the existing Toat’ly Oaty porridge products by appealing to both the health conscious consumer and those leading busy, active lifestyles’’.   ‘’The complex carbohydrates and low GI properties of oats release energy slowly keeping energy levels topped up throughout the morning and helping the body stay fuller for longer thereby reducing the cravings to snack’’. ‘’This is great news for mums looking to get their post baby bodies back in shape or indeed anyone looking for a healthy, low fat and power packed breakfast to get their day started’’.

Steven Murphy, Buying Manager, Tesco NI said, “We are delighted to be launching Toat’ly Oaty with added Multi Seeds from White’s.  They are a superb example of the Taste Northern Ireland suppliers at Tesco – a Northern Irish company using locally grown oats and delivering an innovative product.  There’s nothing else like this on the market at the minute and we’re delighted to be offering it to Tesco consumers.”

White’s has also launched a new Extra Fine Oat Bran product, favoured by the health-conscious for its cholesterol-lowering properties. This is due to being high in soluble fibre- beta glucan which has been shown to help reduce cholesterol¹.  As well as being eaten as a porridge, Oat Bran can be sprinkled onto low fat yoghurts, salads and used in dressings and sauces.

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