Abernethy Butter

Proper butter takes time. This unctuous stuff, churned by hand in Dromara, graces the tables of fine restaurants all over the place. We just love to see that little circle of waxed paper on top of the butter dish. It means the butter will taste like it ought to.

Will and Allison Abernethy inherited those buttermaking skills from family members. In 2005, they decided to turn what was a hobby into a business. That all-important cream comes from cows who graze on the lush grass of the Lagan Valley.

It’s just on the right side of salty and tastes fantastic slathered on crusty bread. It makes mighty fine fudge too. It’s also a key ingredient in the 3 star Great Taste Award-winning Sea Salted Caramel from En Place Foods. We just love Christmas when they make brandy butter.