Kettyle’s premium beef from Lisnaskea chosen by Tesco Ireland

A range of delicious Salt Moss Dry Aged Beef from Kettyle Irish Foods in Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh is now available in selected Tesco Ireland stores in the Republic of Ireland.

FoodNI member Kettyle is an award-winning producer of premium beef products aged in a unique salt moss chamber developed by Maurice Kettyle, the company’s managing director and founder. He is among the most successful and respected entrepreneurs within the Irish beef industry.

Tesco Ireland has listed: Salt Moss Dry Aged Fillet Steak; Salt Moss Dry Aged Ribeye Steak; Salt Moss Dry Aged Striploin Steak; Salt Moss Dry Aged Sirloin Steak; and Dry Aged Burgers

The quality meat is 100 percent from Irish, Bord Bia approved farms. Ireland is known worldwide for its premium quality, grass fed beef.

Grass fed beef is nutrient-rich with health benefits including fewer calories, greater Omegas, Vitamin A, E and micronutrients – all of which stem from a healthy life in the field

Kettyle’s master butchers carefully select each animal and hand cut with unique specialisation. The butchers’ knowledge, along with the company’s processes, always deliver supreme tenderness that carries through to an exquisitely tender eating experience.

As the original dry aged company established in 2004, the company knew it needed to do something even better, so it created its own unique Salt Moss Dry Ageing Chambers.  These chambers house a wall of handcrafted salt bricks – using Virgin Organic Irish Sea Salt, held together by a natural binder – Irish Organic Sea Weed (Carrageen).

“Over the years, our chambers have developed a unique culture and environment, providing a distinct flavour profile unique to Kettyle,” the company says.

The meat is hung naked in the chambers, allowing it meat to breathe.
“As the salt walls are hygroscopic (absorbs moisture), the moisture is drawn out of the meat, ensuring it becomes under stable control quicker than non-Salt Aged Meat.
Due to the high potassium levels in the salt walls, the dry culture within the chill is maintained and self-managed.

“Our Salt Moss process concentrates the flavour of the meat and almost renders the fat to a dry flakiness. This dry nature enables it to caramelise quickly on the pan, sealing and locking in the sweet yet nutty beefiness. Often our meat is described as beef of yesteryear, true to flavour with a depth that bursts on the palette.”