Kee’s Saddleback Pork- Christmas Special

It’s nearly that time of year again and unlike writing Christmas cards I’m hopefully on time with getting the word out about our ‘Christmas Pork Hampers’ (just the regular £50 pork box with a fancy festive name and maybe some cocktail sausages if I can persuade the butcher!) and a special new box called the ‘Pork Selection Box’ which is only £25 and includes 1kg of sausages, choice of 1 dry-cured gammon or leg roast (1 – 2kg), choice of 0.4kg dry-cured back bacon or loin chops and 0.4kg pork and apple burgers.

Just to remind you that I do need time to get the pig from the field to the freezer (via Ballymena and Newtownstewart) and approaching this time of year the butcher does get busy so it would be very helpful if you can place your orders as soon as possible (by next Monday 25th Nov if at all possible).  I will have a spare freezer full for later orders but I won’t be able to guarantee your order for Christmas/New Year if you place it after 25th Nov.

Also to remind you if you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas this year food is usually a good practical option that hopefully won’t appear on ebay on Boxing Day.  May I suggest a special, local, free range, virtually 100% organic Christmas Pork Hamper for example!

Kee’s Saddleback £50 pork box contains:

2kg sausages (by award winning sausage-making butcher) variety of pork and chilli, pork and leek and plain pork

0.5kg pork ribs (lovely in soup)

choice of 1 dry-cured gammon or leg roast (1 – 2kg)

choice of 0.8kg dry-cured back bacon or loin chops

0.8kg pork and apple burgers

choice of 1 shoulder roast or pork pieces/steaks

We are small scale Artisan producers of purebred British Saddleback pork in the foothills of the Sperrin Mountains, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty just outside Douglas Bridge, Co. Tyrone.  Being outdoor and free to roam all year round and fed on our homegrown feed the pork has a very distinctive flavour which is always remarked upon.  Described in Flavour magazine as ‘gorgeous, rich, hearty and unlike any pork I have ever tried before’ this pork needs to be tasted to be believed!

Also passionate about growing organic vegetables and herbs on the farm there may be a treat included with the box depending on the season and the surplus at the time!

Freezer ready, packed in small quantities.

Boxes include full cooking suggestions for all of the products.

Box Delivery – free in Co.Tyrone. £5 rest of N.Ireland and Donegal. Belfast deliveries will also be free with 3 or more orders.

Orders by email or phone.  Email updates are sent every few months with special offers and information.

Also supply to speciality restaurants and for hog roasts if suitable size is available.

Local, high quality restaurants have described our pork as ‘a 1st class meat and excellent product’.

You may find us at some food festivals throughout the year selling some cooked produce as well!

If you have any questions please be in contact.

Kee’s Outdoor Saddlebacks

Farm: 028 816 61172

Mob: 077 9020 6875