Introducing Symphonia’s Apple Rum 500ml

Symphonia are delighted to introduce Symphonia Apple Rum, their first foray outside the world of gin.

Back in November 2020, they produced a limited edition 200ml Apple rum. They were blown away by the response and sold their batch of 500 btls within 3 weeks. Not long after, they were delighted to hear that their ‘lockdown project’ had actually won bronze medal at the world rum awards and that it had been selected as one of the top ten rums in the world!  At this point they knew that they had to add this to the range and decided to create a 500ml bottle with a beautiful new design. 

Caribbean white rum has been redistilled with a local Irish botanical, adding a gentle spiciness, then infused with sweet Jonagold apples from County Armagh, the Orchard of Ireland,making this spirit taste like apple pie in a bottle.

It is important for them to showcase the abundance of local Northern Irish produce that is on our doorstep whilst at the same time, being mindful of reducing food miles and they started to think about what they could do with Jonagold apples. These are a cross between Jones and Golden Delicious which grow locally. They thought these delicious, sweet dessert apples would be better paired with a rum, rather than a gin. 

The final inspiration came as they were exploring botanicals from the local countryside. One of these stood out, their sophisticated chemical analysis showed it had flavour molecules closely related to those of nutmeg and cloves and we knew these spicy flavours would be the perfect partner to the sweet Jonagold apples.

Their Apple Rum is truly innovative, previously rum has often been about the spirit being the dominant element with oak ageing, or heavy spicing with vanilla. Here the apples are the star of the show, and rum is the soft spirit element that plays the supporting role. 

You will find Symphonia Apple Rum across the province in various bars, restaurants, hotels and on shelves in Supervaluestores along with a selected number of premium offsales.

Distributed exclusively by Drinksinc.

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