High protein beef from Newtownards makes a healthy and tasty snack

High protein steak biltong from Newtownards will shortly be on sale in over 160 Aldi stores across Ireland as a result of a recent deal signed by Moorcroft Foods.

Moorcroft Foods, the first South African manufacturer to set up in Northern Ireland, is producing biltong, air dried steak snacks and droewors dried meat sausages, for Northern Ireland and further afield.

The small company, a new food business started by South African businessman, Gavin Moorcroft, is producing a range of branded food-to-go beef snacks from its premises in Newtownards.

Renato Lopes, 49, Moorcroft’s general manager, commenting on the Aldi deal, the company’s biggest to date, says: “This is immensely significant business for us such a short time after we set up in Newtownards. We expect to see Fenners and Coopers, our biltong brands on the shelves in around 160 Aldi stores in the next few weeks.

“We secured this important business as a result of the outstanding quality and flavour of our product. We’ve worked closely with Aldi to develop the business which establishes us firmly in the Republic of Ireland,” he adds.

The Moorcroft family is well-known in South Africa, spanning five generations of South African meat farmers in the Eastern townships.

 “Our biltong uses 100 percent Irish silverside steak from a local supplier and traditional South African recipes,” continues Renato, an experienced manager and a native of Johannesburg.  “We have identified real growth opportunities for our products across the UK, Republic of Ireland and further afield,” he adds.

The company produces a range of delicious biltong flavours including chilli, garlic and pineapple, honey ad chilli

Moorcroft’s biltong brands are a protein-rich, MSG-free, and low-sugar snack. They are also gluten-free, making the biltong a top choice for a healthy snack. Beef biltong is a long popular snack in South Africa.

Emphasizing its appeal to diet-conscious consumers, the biltong is keto-friendly, allergen-free, and gluten-free. “Our biltong is not just a snack, it’s a lifestyle choice that respects your dietary preference,” adds Renato.