Power of Heritage

Our Food.
Power of secret recipes & family legacies

The past is in every part of our story: It’s in the ways we grow, rear, harvest, fish and forage for our food. It’s in the skills we acquire and the knowledge we share. You’ll see it in how we salt and marinate, how we pickle and preserve. It’s there in the way we prep and process, conserve and consume. And our food far transcends the table. It shapes our folklore, gives melody to our songs and creates traditions.

Our story is a tactile one. It’s how the kitchen smells like autumn when a Bramley Apple pie is baking in the oven. It’s the nutty taste of Comber New potatoes piled high on the Sunday dinner plate. It’s the clink of a locally-made tipple at the end of the day. 

We’ve taken recipes handed down to us by grandparents and parents and we’ve made them our own. We produce the way our families have for generations, but now we’re diversifying and innovating – finding more sustainable ways and means. We farm and grow, make, brew and serve up with passion. 

We are weaving a legacy into every sip and forkful.  

We’re diversifying, innovating, finding more sustainable ways and means.