Happy 2nd Birthday Comber Market

In only 2 years, Comber market has expanded greatly and is now the place to be for foodies and artisan aficionados, on the first Thursday of the month. Whether you love vegan produce, top-quality bacon or a big hearty chutney, Comber market is always worth a visit. We were so happy when we were accepted into this clan of local start-ups and it was great to meet so many people who shared our love of food, independent business and doing something they love! The lovely Deborah who runs the market along with the stellar committee, has just been elected Mayor of North Down and is so encouraging to all of us when it comes to our businesses.

So why shop at Comber market when there is a Tescos right around the corner? Well I’m glad you asked! The products that you see at the market are all made by local, hard-working people and so you are guaranteed to get a really high quality cheese/chocolate/bread…whatever it may be! Also, since genuine care and thought has gone into each product, as a result, they are always tasty and made with higher-quality ingredients than your usual shop-bought fare.

Thirdly, home-grown local produce is always better for you. They are hardly ever mass-produced and so don’t have any nasty chemicals, additives or buckets of sugar that you might find on the shelves of certain supermarkets. Finally, when you buy local, you’re not helping the CEO of a huge chain store go on his third cruise of the year. You’re helping parents buy their kids a new bike, helping someone finally get piano lessons or maybe even helping to pay someone’s mortgage.

So next time you fancy treating yourself, pop to Comber market, enjoy yourself and help the local community thrive.