Fudge sisters mark 20 years in business with sales to top retailer

Shoppers in Marks and Spencer stores in Northern Ireland and the Republic of
Ireland will soon be able to enjoy artisan fudge handcrafted by three sisters in

Fudge from Melting Pot in east Belfast has just been listed by the prestigious retailer
for its 50 food halls in both parts of Ireland in a significant deal from the recent
Balmoral Show. Melting Pot, which was among around 100 local companies in the
huge Food NI Food Pavilion at the show, will see its fudge on the shelves in M&S in

Jenny Lowry, one of the three founding partners of Melting Pot, continues: “This is
very exciting news that will enhance our business in both Northern Ireland and the
Republic. It’s a tremendous endorsement of the quality and taste of our products by
one of the most respected food retailers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, a great
way to celebrate 20 years in business.

“We were invited to pitch for business with an M&S buyer. It was a marvellous
opportunity that has now led to a listing for two of our fudges, traditional butter and
salted caramel, in the retailer’s food halls,” adds Jenny, who established the small
business with sisters Dorothy Bittles and Cathy Johnston in 2004.

The new business follows an earlier contract to supply a range of fudge to Dunnes
Stores for supermarkets in Northern Ireland and the Republic.
Melting Pot is an artisan fudge brand developed by Blackthorn Foods, the business
formed by the sisters, and is actually the second successful enterprise they’ve
established together.

The first venture, Salad Fayre, a producer of gourmet salads and desserts, was
formed in Newtownards in 2003 and subsequently sold at a profit. They then formed
Melting Pot was using a recipe for butter fudge developed by Patrick, their father, a
surveyor. The fudge has also won UK Great Taste Awards.

“We share a passion for premium fudge made using traditional, handcrafted
techniques,” explains Jenny. “Our fudge is all handmade and hand wrapped in small
batches, using the finest ingredients and natural flavourings. We have also
developed a gluten-free range.”