Five Recipes for a Fiver

The Big Lunch

With the fifth annual Big Lunch taking place on Sunday 2 June, celebrity chef Levi Roots has shared a series of five ideal street party recipes, each costing around £5.* 

The Big Lunch, which is funded by the Big Lottery and led by the Eden Project, encourages people across the UK to have lunch with their neighbours once a year, for a few hours of community, friendship and fun. Events can be big or small and the food shared doesn’t have to cost the earth.  Levi has shown us how to enjoy ‘Five Recipes for a Fiver’, requiring only a little preparation, so all you have to do is tell your neighbours.

Using his Jamaican cooking style and with help from Big Lunch partner, Kingsmill, Levi has created five tasty dishes, ideal for serving at your Big Lunch. Based on recipes from Levi Roots’ new cookbook, Grill It With Levi, published by Ebury Press, price £18.99, recipes include:

– Haloumi 50/50 Kingsmill wraps with melon and mint salsa

– Chilli Tomato Toasts

– Hot Cheesy Potato Skins

– Barbequed Sweetcorn and Flavoured butters

– Roasted treacle toffee bananas

In order to view these recipes, click on the following link; Levi Roots Five Recipes for a Fiver The Big Lunch 2013.pdf

So, whether you’re planning a Big Lunch on your street, a garden gathering or a community celebration, these recipes provide some great ideas to get you started.

Levi says, “The Big Lunch is a great way to get communities together. Everyone can get involved no matter what your budget is.  I hope this year my ‘Five Recipes for a Fiver’ will help show it also doesn’t have to cost the earth. It’s never too late to get involved – just get a few neighbours together on Sunday 2 June, fire up the barbeque and let the good times roll!”

Jon Wilson, Marketing Director, Kingsmill: “We’ve supported The Big Lunch for the past two years and we’re always keen to prove that it’s really easy to get involved, especially when it comes to food. Levi’s recipes are delicious and we’ve helped to select the perfect Kingsmill products to compliment the combination of flavours and ingredients used in these great street party dishes.”

The Lottery-funded Big Lunch, supported by MasterCard, Kingsmill and Asda, is an annual event led by the Eden Project.

Recent research from The Big Lunch showed that 75% of people in the UK are crying out for more community spirit in their area, with 91% of 8.5 million people that took part in last year’s Big Jubilee Lunch feeling closer to their neighbours as a result.

This year’s Big Lunch takes place on 2 June and packs including posters, invitations, a planner and other materials to help organise your Big Lunch, are available from