Europe’s best pork sausages made in Northern Ireland

The best pork sausages in Europe are made in Bangor, county Down, Northern Ireland.

McWhinney’s Sausages, among the best known names in food processing here has won the important accolade for producing best pork sausages in Europe at its modern processing unit just outside the town from leading international lifestyle publication.

A leading supplier of premium pork sausages to caterers throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, McWhinney’s recently received the important accolade from LUXLife, a glossy publication aimed at people who enjoy the finer things of life, in its annual Food and Drink Awards 2021. The upmarket magazine has a circulation of almost 300,000 readers worldwide.

McWhinney’s Sausages, a traditional family run business that’s headed by Kevin McWhinney and spanning six generations, is the main supplier of high quality content pork sausages to fish and chip shops, cafes and other catering businesses in the UK, Ireland and other European countries. The company is understandably delighted by the influential award.

Kevin, commenting on the LUXLife magazine decision, said: “The award came as a very pleasant surprise. It’s a marvellous recognition and endorsement of the premium quality and outstanding flavour of sausages. This immensely encouraging award should help to increase awareness of our market leading premium pork products as we continue to grow our business in key markets such as Great Britain, Ireland and beyond.

“LUXLife is a quality conscious magazine that’s aimed at people who also enjoy the best food products available,” he adds.

The LUXLife Food & Drink Awards was created to “commend those who go above and beyond for their customers and/or consumers to ensure that their appetites are catered for, especially in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak which has seen many businesses in the food and drink industry face unprecedented challenges over the past few months”.

The Food & Drink Awards commend businesses who prove themselves to be innovators in one of the world’s most competitive industries by bringing fresh, exciting ideas forward, and celebrate the outstanding achievements made by those looking to solidify their reputation as industry leaders.  All participants are judged purely on merit and only the most deserving are acknowledged.

Final judgement is based on various criteria such as: business values and performance, longevity, business growth (either sustained or rapid) and any significant innovations or feedback. The magazine spans “the highest net worth individuals from around the world” and major brands.

McWhinney’s traces its business roots to 1898 when Kevin McWhinney’s great great grandfather began production of quality Irish pork sausages in Bangor from his own recipe which remains a closely guarded family secret. The family also became involved in a successful butchery business in 1968.

Managing director Kevin joined the company has spearheaded its exceptional growth of the family business especially outside Northern Ireland. The ambitious local business has grown strongly and now operates from a modern factory in Bangor. It continues to invest substantially in its products, premises and in developing the skills of employees.

An extensive product portfolio includes 70% premium pork, the Bigfoot (12” 6oz 70% pork sausage), cocktail, breakfast and gluten sausages to name a few.

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