Embrace the Power of Food and Drink: Upcoming webinars

The pandemic has accelerated our thoughts surrounding sustainable and regenerative tourism experiences. 

Food NI, supported by Tourism NI and a panel of industry experts have developed sector specific webinars to help you identify ways to make your food and drink experience more sustainable and attractive to visitors. These webinars will enable you to embrace and innovate through the power of food and drink and hear about the support available to deliver demand generating, consumer led experiences.  

21st February 2022- 10:00-11:30am: Developing greener food and drink tourism experiences

Speakers confirmed for Monday 21st February:

Jarlath O’Dwyer The Tourism Space and Burren Food Networks

Paula McIntyre Slow Food

Peter Bolan UU – Senior Lecturer and Director for the International Travel and Tourism Management courses at the Ulster University Business School

Northern Ireland has it all. From our bighearted welcomes to our breath-taking surroundings. Our natural resources, rugged landscapes and our generous hosts are the reasons people come here. 

Helping our visitors to embrace sustainability is one more way we can delight them.

Our job is to share our stories about our local ingredients, our passionate people and our cultural heritage, in a way that protects our resources for the future, while delivering the best of experiences for everyone. Happily, there are few places which can do that more effectively than Northern Ireland. If you look around you, you’ll find you have already begun. This webinar is aimed at food and drink tourism businesses who wish to develop and enhance their sustainability offer and the experience they offer to visitors.  

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28th February 2022- 10:00-11:30am: Sustainable food and drink dishes

Northern Ireland boasts a short supply chain and by sourcing local, the ingredients on your plates will be fresher and tastier. Buying locally sourced produce allows you to offer seasonal surprises on your menu that evoke a sense of place and highlight traceable food. Supporting the local food chain keeps the local food industry more sustainable and helps to minimise your carbon footprint, which brings wider benefits to the environment and the communities we live in. This session will outline how you can highlight your commitment to sustainability on your menu and hear about the support and marketing opportunities available from Food NI and the industry panelists.

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