Chocolate of the Month – Yes Please!

Chocolate of the Month – Yes Please! – BITETOSAVOUR


O.K. so we admit it, we know that as members of the BitetoSavour team we probably have the best jobs in the world. In fact, on days like today when setting up mouth-watering shots of rediculously scrumptious artisan chocolate for our online shop, we can barely call it ‘work’ without cracking a stupid grin.

We were over-joyed when Dot from NearyNogs included some samples of her new flavours in with stock for our new Chocolate Subscription… This chocolate is incredible!

If like us you love artisan chocolate and would like the opportunity to try some new and exciting flavours then BiteToSavour’s Chocolate of the Month subscription is simply a ‘must’. Choose from a 3 or 6 month subscription and avail of a selection of beautiful chocolates sent to your door/ desk monthly. Delivered in dinky BitetoSavour boxes these fit through your letter box and are also very transportable by handbag and satchel… perfect for chocolate lovers of the modern age!


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