Burren – blending artisan infusions with time-honoured taste from Bushmills

Armagh-based Burren Balsamics, a specialist in culinary vinegars, has teamed up with Bushmills Irish Whiskey to create a unique taste experience that’s being launched appropriately for St Patrick’s Day.

FoodNI member Burren Balsamics, which is based at Richhill and has won a string of awards for its artisan vinegars and condiments, is now shipping the novel range of vinegars to customers throughout the UK, Ireland and further afield. The company recently won business in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. Other significant markets include the US.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is matured by Burren Balsamics in Bushmills Whiskey barrels for three years. The vinegars are perfect to pair with cocktails, marinades and dressings.

‘We’re thrilled to partner with Bushmills,” says Burren Director and MasterChef of Great Britain, Robert McDonald. “It’s a huge privilege to work with such a well-renowned Irish whiskey distillery, and we are so proud of how this Balsamic infusion turned out. We were keen to work with Bushmills because it’s such a marvellous whiskey and iconic Northern Ireland product

“At Burren Balsamics, our ethos centres on handcrafted Irish flavour and innovation. We love to champion Ireland’s unbeatable produce, as we carefully infuse small-batch balsamic vinegar with local ingredients.

“That’s why we’ve partnered with Bushmills, the world’s oldest distillery to create something that exemplifies the very best of both our crafts. The range we’ve created brings together the rich heritage of Bushmills and our own artisan craftsmanship,” adds Bob, who runs the small business with founder and managing director Susie Hamilton Stubber.

Formed in 2014, Burren carefully crafts premium pantry products using the finest local ingredients. “All our products are thoughtfully infused with premium flavour, artisan expertise and local Irish Ingredients,” continues Bob.

“Our team works to ensure high-quality products that are sustainable and ethically made,” he adds. The contact with Bushmills was arranged by Simon Dougan of Yellow Door catering business, bakery and deli in Portadown.