Bronze at World Cheese Awards for new Belfast Cheese

Italian style mozzarella made in the east of the city

A cheese which has only been in production for six months has won Bronze at the World Cheese Awards in Newport, Wales. The ultra-creamy stracciatella is made by Velocheese for Indie Fude. It is a mozzarella-style cheese made at a custom-built plant in East Belfast called the Banana Block by master mozzarella maker Davide Tani from Calgiari in Sardinia. He has been based in Belfast with his Northern Irish wife since 2015. He wanted to bring a taste of his homeland to Northern Ireland. He is also passionate about cycling and engineering.

Velocheese aims to become a carbon-neutral and zero plastic business. “This beaut was made ultra-fresh on Tuesday morning before flying over to Wales with me to be judged on Wednesday, worth the hard yards” said Johnny McDowell from VeloCheese x Indie Fude. “Freshness is key. We use milk from Farmview Dairies and the cheese is made fresh to order.” The range includes Mozzarella, Stracciatella, Scamorza and Maple-wood Smoked Scamorza. It is can be bought direct from the plant at Banana Block on the Newtownards Road. It is used in high-end pizzerias across the island.

A record-breaking 4,434 cheeses were judged in a single day at the World Cheese Awards on Wednesday 2nd November, 2022. 250 experts judged their appearance, texture, aroma and flavour. The competition, which is in its 36th year, is organised by the UK Guild of Fine Food. The winner was Le Gruyere AOP Surchoix by cheesemake Vorderfultigen and affineur Gourmino from Switzerland.
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