Belfast International Airport – Walkway Opportunity!!

Belfast International Airport enjoyed a stellar year of passengers in 2018 and the “Food Corridor” provided a unique welcome to each of those passengers highlighting Northern Ireland as a very deserving winner of the Best Food Destination at the International Travel and Tourism Awards in November, 2018.

BIA are proud to be supporters of this rapidly growing and innovative sector and this 50m installation showcases only Northern Ireland home-grown agri-food companies ranging from the smallest artisan companies through to larger companies across a multitude of products sure to appeal to passengers to seek out and try- whether this is a tourist or a NI resident.

Into the third year of this campaign, BIA seeks to further evolve and refresh the concept to continue to make this highly impactful and engaging to everyone using the airport.

Feedback from focus groups suggests that a slight change to the current arrangement of advertisers to reduce the number and to frame these individually would create a greater impact and immersive experience.

The attached graphic shows the proposed changes and within this concept a number of false trees will be positioned down the corridor and passengers will be further greeted with audio of “sounds of farming” as they pass down the corridor.

This refresh will allow this feature to continue as the premier advertising location for Northern Ireland Food to over six million people.

Spaces are limited so please get in touch early for pricing, sizing and to reserve your spot!