Bacon from Hannan Meats ‘Best in Class’ in Charcuterie Awards

Hannan Meats in Northern Ireland has won a series of awards in the British Charcuterie Awards including ‘Best in Class’, gold, silver and bronze medals.

The company, based in Moira, county Down, was named ‘Best in Class’ for its air-dried streaky bacon. This represented best bacon rasher in the entire competition.

It also won gold for pastrami boneless short ribs, silver for white pudding with bacon and leek and bronze for beef bacon.

There were only six golds awarded from an entry of over 500.

Peter Hannan, managing director of Hannan Meats, a multi-award winning producer of original beef, bacon and lamb products, commenting on the awards win, says: “We’ve invested extensively in the development of a broad range of charcuterie meats over the past few years in response to a growing market demand for deliciously different tastes.

“What we’ve done is to extend our successful expertise in meat processing techniques such as our Himalayan salt aging and sugar pit curing to the creation of innovative charcuterie, and found an immensely encouraging response from chefs and consumers. It made sound sense to carry this longstanding expertise forward into charcuterie, a sector long popular in other parts of Europe.

As a result, charcuterie is becoming an important part of our business. These awards are tremendously encouraging,” he adds.

The British Charcuterie Awards 2019 were the first,national, annual, independent charcuterie competition. They were created to promote quality, variety and understanding of British charcuterie.

The prestigious awards were announced at the British Charcuterie Producer Day at Countryfile Live (held at Bleinheim Palace) and included a producers’ workshopthat provided a unique opportunity for makers, suppliers, buyers, distributors and press to get together and a forum to discuss and exchange views in this exciting, growing sector.

The awards are the brainchild of top food writer, broadcaster, journalist, consultant and event organiser, Henrietta Green. She launched British Charcuterie Live The Home for British Charcuteriein 2017 to drive awareness of charcuterie in Britain.