Sunblest Potato Farls are Northern Ireland’s top choice

Sunblest has topped a recent poll as Northern Ireland’s favourite potato farl in flavour, texture and appearance following a consumer blind taste test using four leading brands.

 To celebrate being the region’s favourite potato farl, top comedy duo Grimes and McKee have helped Sunblest launch a ‘pop-up’ kitchen in Belfast City Centre. Leading chef Karyn Booth was also on hand to demonstrate delicious ways to enjoy your favourite potato farl including traditional dishes as well as more creative ideas for enjoying the nation’s favourite snack.

Commenting on the blind taste test results, Victoria Brown from Allied Bakeries Ireland, said: “As Northern Ireland’s largest plant bakery, we’re delighted that Sunblest has topped a blind taste test poll as the public’s favourite potato farl with more than half of consumers (1) polled preferring our brand over competitors for overall taste.

“At Sunblest, we work hard to create a premium product that customers will enjoy and the quality of our product was something that consumers agreed on. 40% (2) voted Sunblest their favourite for flavour while almost half of those surveyed chose our texture and appearance (3) as best.”

Speaking at the launch, funny man Alan McKee, said: “Potato bread is a Northern Irish institution and iconic to us so it’s important that we only eat the best! We’re pleased to be here at the Sunblest pop up kitchen to help show people the great ways to make the most of your Sunblest Potato Farls.”

The local comics will also be taking to the streets of Belfast this week to carry out their own ‘poll’ that will reveal how consumers like to eat their Sunblest Potato Farls, whether they prefer them fried or toasted.

“I’m a fried man, I just love the crispy, indulgent taste of my Sunblest Potato Farl, straight from the pan but I know McKee here is a toast man,” said Conor Grimes. “He’s a sucker for that warm and buttery melt in your mouth taste. So we thought it would be a laugh to go head to head and find out what the great Northern Irish public prefer; fried or toasted. You’ll be able to see how we get on in an exclusive sketch video at the Sunblest facebook page next month.”

The Sunblest Potato Farl Pop-Up kitchen will be appearing soon at a town near you. For more details, check out our Facebook page come along for a potato farl tasting and get some top tips on how best to eat yours…fried or toasted!