Smart Vehicles Deliver Efficiencies for United Dairy Farmers

Northern Ireland’s largest dairy business United Dairy Farmers has launched a new fleet of high tech milk collection tankers, which employ the latest technology to reduce milk collection times on farm and automate the transfer of information needed to pay farmers for the milk collected. The new tankers are the latest development in an ambitious investment programme for the group as it strives to reduce costs, develop state of the art milk collection and processing facilities, and build its market position.

United recently took delivery of  the five new milk tankers which boast cutting-edge GPRS and GPS systems, allowing the tanker itself to automatically recognise which farm it is on and to send milk collection information for that farm directly into the company’s computer billing system. The farmer can then find out information such as the volume of milk collected and details of the quality sample taken.

The new tankers are also equipped to pump up to 60,000 litres of milk per hour – three times faster than the pumping rate of the vehicles they are replacing – reducing collection time on farm and allowing a more efficient operation.

The new vehicles also act as mobile billboards for Dale Farm, United’s processing subsidiary with their new “A Taste for Life’ livery’ and are becoming a familiar sight on roads across Northern Ireland.

Stephen Cameron,  United Dairy Farmers‘ Group Supply Chain Director said, “This new technology allows us to track our tankers by satellite and have real time information on the volume of milk collected from each farmer.  We are providing a better service to our farmer members and delivering real efficiency improvements which will save both time and money.”