Rugby aces try scrum-thing different…

PRIME beef was on the menu at Northern Ireland’s number one deli Yellow Door today – as two top rugby professionals donned aprons to work behind the counter.

Scrum half Paul Marshall, 26, and 22-year-old prop Paddy McAllister love Yellow Door’s food so much that they popped in to see what it takes to make it such a success.

So owner Andrew Dougan made them tackle work in the kitchen and serve customers in a training session with a difference.

Paul and Paddy are among a line-out of star local rugby players who are regulars at Yellow Door because it stocks the finest local and international foods – a healthy way to satisfy their massive appetites.

[Scrum half Paul Marshall, Yellow Door owner Andrew Dougan and prop Paddy McAllister do some training with a difference at The Yellow Door Deli in Lisburn.]







As a former rugby professional himself, Yellow Door owner Andrew Dougan knows how important a diet of quality food is for keeping players in top condition.

He said:

“These guys deal with nutritional experts regularly and they know they have to eat well before games, for these guys to stay at their peak a healthy diet is vital.

“Whether you’re a rugby player or just into healthy living, it’s very important to eat good, quality food – I’m the same with my kids.

“People are more aware than ever how important it is to know where your food is coming from and be assured that it is good quality. People now are wanting to go back to a butcher’s shop, a grocer’s shop and a bakery, where they know they are going to get a good product instead of processed food from a supermarket. We grow a lot of our own fruit, vegetables and herbs, we have our own bakery, and people want that.

“The guys are in every day, you could set your clock by them, there’s at least five or six in the Lisburn Road store every day after training.

“They’re a great bunch of guys and working with them has been exciting, it has added a different twist to the day, hopefully this will be the start of more events like this on a regular basis, getting more guys in and meeting fans and our customers. Anything that brings a bit of life and buzz to the deli can only be a good thing.”

Bryn Cunningham, who looks after a host of major rugby stars, added:

“Yellow Door has a reputation for having excellent gourmet food, the guys love it and are regular customers.

“Yellow Door produce quality foods and that is important to the guys, they know from a nutritional point of view they are getting good food in their bodies which helps them train.

“It’s been something different for them today! All these guys have to think of future careers beyond rugby, so it will give them an insight into how business is run as well as being a bit of fun for them as well.”