Cast & Crew

Cast and Crew is in a great location under the Samson and Goliath Cranes of Harland and Wolff and between The Titanic Visitors Centre and The Belfast Metropolitan College. They’re also not far from the Paintball Studios hence the name Cast and Crew. So clever!

This restaurant, which is part of the James Street South family, has a small, local feel. Their premises are compact and they like it that way. They are all about the food, the provenance of their food and taste means everything to them.

They have a eclectic array of dishes from their breakfast offering (We love the Colombian Eggs) to their lunch menu. In the evening they are available for private events.

So whatever you are in the mood to eat, pop in, dine in or takeaway and join them for some great food every day.

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Cast & Crew
Titanic Quarter
Queens Road
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