The Ultimate Ham and Cheese Toasty

Difficulty medium
Preparation Time
Cooking Time
Main Ingredients
  • Irwin’s Nutty Krust
  • Crumbed ham
  • Cheddar (or any cheese)
  • Butter

Main Instructions
  1. Take two slices of Nutty Krust and butter the outside of each. This will ensure a golden crust when toasting.
  2. Layer the dry side of the bread with grated cheddar, crumbed ham and mozzarella.
  3. Lay the second piece of bread on top and press to ensure everything stays in place.
  4. Set your sandwich onto the toasting machine. Once it has completed the cycle, unplug and leave the sandwich to rest for a further minute to allow the flavours to draw and the bread to really crisp.
  5. Slice and serve with lettuce, olives and tomatoes dressed with a dash of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.
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