Seasonal Chicken Pie

This is great way of making a chicken go further; depending on the size of the dish and the amount of vegetables – you can serve up to 10!

Difficulty medium
Preparation Time
Cooking Time
Main Ingredients
  • A whole Northern Irish cooked chicken or selection of chicken pieces
  • Selection of seasonal vegetables (e.g. onion, carrots, leeks)
  • One pack of uncooked puff pastry
  • A little flour, butter and milk

Main Instructions
  1. Defrost the puff pastry
  2. Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces
  3. Gently cook the vegetables in a little butter and/or olive oil for 5 minutes
  4. Take of the heat and add one tablespoon of flour
  5. Gently add milk until you have a smooth sauce
  6. Add some of the chicken gravy from the cooked chicken. Warm through until the sauce has thickened
  7. Place the chopped, cooked chicken in an oven proof dish and cover with the vegetables and the sauce
  8. Place the puff pastry on top of the dish and cook at 200oC until the pastry is light and golden
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