Lobster and Comber Potato salad with crispy bacon & tarragon

Carl Johannson from James Street South, Bar and Grill, recipe from Comber Potato Festival Saturday 7th June

Difficulty easy
Preparation Time 5-10 mins
Cooking Time 10-15 mins
Servings 4
Main Ingredients
  • 1 x 2lb lobster boiled for 8 mins
  • Smoked pancetta
  • 1kg baby Comber potatoes
  • 100gm mini capers
  • 100gm sliced shallots
  • 50gm chopped fresh tarragon
  • 2 cups mayonnaise
  • Garnish with fresh watercress

Main Instructions
  1. Bake the pancetta until crispy.
  2. Boil the Comber potatoes in salted water until tender then drain.
  3. Mix together the Comber potatoes, capers, shallots and tarragon with two cups of mayonnaise.Place into a clean serving bowl and serve with lobster, pancetta and watercress on the top.
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