Coppi’s Steak Florentine

At Coppi we work closely with our friend and supplier Peter Hannan in Moria. I could write pages on Peter’s Himalayan salt chamber where all of our beef is dry aged for a minimum of 30 days. But what I really love about working with Peter is his passion and determination to supply the best. Whether it’s his salt cured beef, his Organic Glenarm lamb, his cured pig jowl (Guanciale), his top quality sausages or his outstanding sweet cured pork, one thing is for sure he makes our job as chefs a lot easier.

So with this in mind you will notice that we do very little with the steak, just brush with flavoured oil, season it, grill it and allow it to rest so the flavour of the meat can shine through.

If you are trying this dish on your BBQ I know not everyone can travel to Moria to Peters shop, but you can find and buy the best quality beef from your local area. This is something we are blessed with all over Ireland, amazing quality meat.

Difficulty easy
Preparation Time 45 mins
Cooking Time 25-40 mins
Servings 2
Main Ingredients
  • 1tblsp olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic crushed
  • 1tsp fresh rosemary finely chopped
  • 1kg-1.2kg dry cured rib of beef on the bone
  • Maldon salt and black pepper to taste
  • 100g cold butter, cut into small chunks

Main Instructions
  1. Place the olive oil, garlic and rosemary into a bowl and mix together. Leave to infuse at room temperature for an hour or two.
  2. Remove the meat from the fridge approximately 45mins before you are ready to use it and season all over with salt and pepper. This will give the seasoning time to infuse into the meat.
  3. Brush the flavoured oil all over the steak and place onto your preheated grill and cook turning as you go until your desired taste.
  4. For best results it is best to cook the beef for approx. 25mins for rare, 30-35mins for medium rare/medium or 40mins for well done.
  5. If you have a probe the internal core temperature of the steak should read 45c for rare, 50c for medium rare, 55c for Medium and 65-70c for well done.
  6. When the steak is cooked remove it from the grill and place onto a cooling rack with a tray under it to collect the juices. Leave to rest for 15mins.
  7. Once the steak has rested pour all of the collected juices into a small pan and place over the heat. Once it starts to boil remove from the heat and whisk in all of the butter until it has completely emulsified.
  8. Place the steak onto a cutting board and slice the steak. Place the steak onto your serving dish and brush all over with resting juices and butter. Check seasoning and serve with rocket and parmesan salad and grilled vegetables.
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