Concentrate Cold Brew Suki Tea


Suki Tea are still relishing the opportunity to make Cold Brew Tea despite the sunny weather disappearing.
Their Pepperberry infusion is a great alternative to juice and so, so easy to prepare.

Perfect for a bright, sunny day in Northern Ireland.

Difficulty easy
Preparation Time Fifteen Minutes
Cooking Time Overnight
Servings 10
Pepperberry Cold Tea
  • Eight scoops of Red Berry
  • Eight scoops of Peppermint
  • Suki Tea recommend using one part concentrate tea to 2.5 parts water (75ml to 160ml water)

Main Instructions
  1. First add tea to a FORLIFE Filter jug then slowly add one third of cold water.
  2. Pause then slowly add another third water in a circular motion.
  3. Add the remaining tea leaves and finally after five minutes top up with water.
  4. Press any leaves that float under the water to make sure they got wet.
  5. Put the lid on.
  6. Steep the leaves for 12 hours to create a smooth , vibrant concentrated flavour.
  7. Serve over a little ice.
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