Cheers! Raise a Glass To #WorldGinDay

Gin lovers can rejoice as the ninth #WorldGinDay returns on Saturday 10 June.

A global celebration of all things gin, World Gin Day falls on the second Saturday in June.
The idea behind the day is simple, get your mates, family, colleagues together to sample, taste and drink some gin, whether it’s in a cocktail, a traditional Gin n Tonic or something a little different on this celebratory day of gin.

Shortcross Gin

Described as a classical gin, with a unique twist, Shortcross Gin is best described as floral meadow; wild berries and grassy notes and a smooth gin with an exceptionally long finish.
As Northern Ireland’s first premium craft gin it is distilled with passion and pride at the Rademon Estate Distillery in Crossgar, County Down by husband and wife, David and Fiona Boyd-Armstrong.
Their small batch philosophy ensures that every aspect of the gin meets their exacting vision. From foraging in the surrounding country estate for botanicals, to labelling, signing and wax dipping every bottle – everything is crafted and perfected by hand.

Shortcross is available from a number of leading and small independent stores throughout the Island of Ireland as well as public houses and restaurants.

While most establishments have their own signature pour of Shortcross, you can now make you very own gin infused cocktail at home courtesy of the distillers themselves.

Mr E Grey

35 ml Shortcross Gin
15ml Triple Sec
25ml Lime Juice
25ml Suki Tea Ear Grey Blue Flower Sugar Syrup*

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake hard for ten seconds, top up with Pale Ale, strain over ice into glass and garnish with an orange twist

3 Scoops Suki Earl Grey Blue Flower Loose Leaf Tea
1 Cup boiling water
2 Cups caster sugar

Make a very strong cup of Earl Grey tea using the Suki Tea, let steep for five to seven minutes, strain the leaves from the liquid, add two cups of caster sugar to the tea and stir until dissolved, let cool and bottle. (Keeps up to a week in the fridge)

Not a fan of sweets treats or drinks.  Why not try something different for the Sunday Lunch and make Shortcross Cured Irish Salmon Fillet with Cucumber Pickle and Smokey Bacon Champ courtesy of Kevin Waston at the Killyhevlin Hotel with this tantalising recipe.

Jawbox Gin

Jawbox was created to reflect something very special about Belfast – the real character of the city and its people. It is the first single-estate gin produced in Ireland and is described as a classic dry gin like no other. For a start, the makers actually grow their own grain, use water from their own well and distill their very own spirit before adding fragrant botanicals such as Black Mountain heather, coriander seed and angelica root – all here in Northern Ireland!
Made in Echlinville Distillery, Jawbox Gin was conceived by Gerry White, who was inspired both by his time behind the bar and an influx of new gins in recent years.
The name itself has special meaning to its birth city.  A Jawbox, more commonly known as a Belfast Sink, was a staple in Northern Irish households of old, used to wash everything from dishes to clothes and more. The sink was a busy place, with a lot of life and chatter revolving around it and as such has served to be one of Belfast’s most lasting legacies and the gin was named in tribute.

Jawbox is available from a number of leading and small independent stores throughout the Island of Ireland as well as public houses and restaurants.

If you’re a lover of ginger, then you’ll love Jawbox Gin’s signature drink.

Refreshing Ginger Ale

35ml Jawbox Gin
45ml Ginger Ale
Crushed Ice

Pour the Jawbox Gin into an ice filled glass and top up with Ginger Ale

For something a little different, why not make some Jawbox Gin Chocolate Truffles for you and your mates.

For more information on Northern Ireland’s drink producers click here.