Seriously Juicy

Seriously Juicy is run by a friendly team who believe that juicing can lead to a more nutritious and healthier lifestyle.

Their Juicy By Nature juices are packed with 100 per cent vegetables and fruits. There are three day and five day packs to benefit those who want to undergo a detox that tastes great, improves your immune system, produces a healthier digestive system and increases your energy levels and can also aid weight loss.

They ‘cold press’ their fruits and vegetables so that their juice possesses 3-5 times more nutrients and enzymes than any other method of juicing. They are particularly good for your skin and super easy to digest. They never use additives, chemicals or added water. Their Seriously Juicy juices are also dairy and gluten free and vegetarian and vegan friendly. The Juice Detox Packs are conveniently delivered to your door or place of work.

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What They Do

Produce 100% Raw Vegetable and Fruit Cold Pressed Juices and Detox Packs.


Ginger Zinger, Mango Tango, Sweet Beet, Mean Green

Where To Buy

Convenience stores and Online. UK and Ireland


Seriously Juicy
36, Cloghagaddy Road
BT92 6HL
Northern Ireland
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Contact Information

Telephone 02867737868 or 07748841849
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