Our Daily Bread

This artisan bakery specialises in the iconic Wheaten Loaf -made to a recipe handed down through the generations. It has won a Gold Star from The Great Taste Awards in 2013 and 2014. The loaves are all made from the finest local ingredients. Andrews Mill being one of them, they have been milling in Belfast for nearly 300 years.. They have no additives or preservatives and are virtually fat free.

They sell both fresh loaves and bread mixes called Bake it Yourself. The idea for the mixes came when a friend asked them to send a loaf to America.

They knew it wouldn’t be the freshest when it arrived so they started experimenting. They replaced the buttermilk with the dried buttermilk and then when thinking about the packaging they thought would make it easier for the end user to use the container it comes in to use for baking the loaf. The Bake It Yourself was born! You only need to add water and bake it in the tin it comes in.

They allow you to take all the credit and the house smells great! Fresh Wheaten or Soda whenever you want it. Their latest product is a Wheaten Toast, which are made by baking the wheaten in small loaves, slicing thinly and baking again, bringing out the nutty flavours of the wheaten, they are a perfect accompaniment with cheese, pates and dips or smoked salmon.

The any time, any place anywhere breads!

What They Do

Fresh Wheaten Loaves. Bake It Yourself Wheaten Bread and Soda Bread mixes, Wheaten Toasts


Fresh baked loaves, wheaten toasts, and Bake it Yourself Wheaten and Soda Bread mixes


1 Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards for the Wheaten Loaf in 2013 and 2014.

Where To Buy

The Wheaten Loaves are available in County Down and Antrim. The Bake It Yourself Bread Mixes are being distributed throughtout NI by Your Food Stories and further afield by Bite to Savour. They distribute to NI, UK and they are looking for an ROI distributor


Our Daily Bread
3 Glenmachan Road
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